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"By creating new, we are keeping pace with the times and make this world beautiful! I like exotic, unique, individual. Always guided by my heart and soul. To create, to create a new, set trends, can, unfortunately, not everyone. Of course, I'm studying history and based on the knowledge of others. The ability to see the future, send your positive energy into creativity help me to achieve the best result. I live a future in which there is a constant change of exposure. "

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Collection »COCOn» couture designer 2017 Apollo Baygakoff opens to the audience the wonderful world of Japanese style. The name «Cocoon» (from the French Soso -. «Shell») — a shell made of silk that covers the fragile body, protecting and preserving it. Natural silk, rippling on the figure, sets smooth and airy forms, imitating the finest cocoon, from which comes an exotic butterfly.

The color palette of the collection there are bright Japanese motifs with pearlescent, clothing represented translucent French lace delicate shades, silk kimono tesnёnnymi belts and painted wide sleeves, loose in the hips skirt to the floor, sparkling juicy embroidered emerald sequins skirt, thick tweed jackets with Basques, evening and cocktail dresses with accentuated flying silk ribbon waist. The collection merges simplicity and luxury, and only natural materials are used in it, characterize it as a creation of nature.


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The new brand in store «QWINGS» 

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Dear customers, we are pleased to inform you that now you can buy clothes BYGAKOFF brand in Korolev.

Address: Korolev, Prospect Korolev house  5d, TC Status, 2nd floor, showroom «Lolita Kir» @lolita_kir.

Also, order and make delivery to anywhere in the world through Instagram store @lolita_kir. Enjoy your shopping !!!


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Press breakfast Russian designer Apollon Bygakoff held on July 8, 2016 in the «Urban Farm» Crafts in the Park Exhibition of Economic Achievements. The clothes worn by Apollo Baygakova Anastasia Makeeva Natalia Lesnikovskaya Anastasia Denisova Oksana Stashenko and many others. In fashion-editors of publications, fashion bloggers and the stars will be able to evaluate the summer collection of Apollo and share their experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. End your meeting will be gifts for all guests.

Apollo Baygakoff — founder of the eponymous Russian brand clothing collections pret-à-porte Bygakoff and haute couture Apollon Bygakoff. Its main feature designer considers style «space aristocracy» and the ability «to see fashion» — a gift from nature. For six years, Apollo creates beauty, mixes styles and shocking the audience with bold decisions. As recognized by the designer, his inspiration is the singer Rihanna, and he draws ideas from space. This and many color in collections that resemble solar panels, a silver lining spacecraft and spacesuits sheen. Until July 4 during the All-Russian Museum of Decorative-Applied and Folk Art exhibition «Lace parade» in which Apollo put the three best dress from their collections.

Beginning at 11.00.

Location: Moscow, Exhibition Center, Pavilion 44.











Dear customers! We are glad to inform you that you can buy clothes in the boutique brand Bygakoff beautiful Anna Kalashnikova, located on the 0 floor of the European shopping center, boutique Qwings. We wish you a pleasant shopping!


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May 25, 2016 in the Russian Museum of Decorative-Applied and Folk Art (ul. Delegatskaya 3) the official opening of the exposition of the special project «Russian designers.»
Photo: Nina Verhoyanskaya

Event was part of the exhibition which opened in March «Lace parade.» The exhibition features mainly historical lace of different ages, and a new exhibition entirely dedicated to the masterpieces of contemporary lace, produced by Russian designers. Read more

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«LACE parade» 25 May 2016

13245467_603890166436309_7263751999206512114_nMay 25, 2016 at 19.00 at the Russian Museum of Decorative-Applied and Folk Arts will be held the official opening of the exhibition «Russian designers» in the exhibition «LACE parade» in conjunction with the fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev. The exhibition will feature the real art objects of modern lace. «Parading» — defiantly expensive and pompous — this lace appears in the XVIII century, when new, is rapidly gaining popularity kind of arts and crafts is part of the life of royal families, the church clergy and senior military officials. «Parading» — frankly, at the limit of sensuality — in an era of boudoirs and the involvement of art in the world of intimate fashion decadence at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. «Parading» — this sotszakaz young Soviet Union, when the masters of Vologda, Yelets, Ryazan or from the finest yarns weave unimaginable scale five-, six-meter lace panels for national exhibitions, designed to demonstrate the country’s ambitions in space exploration and the construction of «light path». Finally, «the show» — in the context of «haute couture» of the second half of the twentieth century, with the transfer of traditional art of lace on the podium and winning the mass market. Read more


Инга Гончарова Баланс Тв 2

Инга Гончарова Баланс Тв

TV presenter Inga Goncharova in skirt by BYGAKOFF  in «Divorce and wise parents» to «TV Balance»

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