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OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION «Russian Designers» in the exhibition «LACE ON DISPLAY»

May 25, 2016 in the Russian Museum of Decorative-Applied and Folk Art (ul. Delegatskaya, d. 3), in the framework of the exhibition «Lace parade,» the grand opening of the exhibition «Russian designers.» Its exclusive exhibits for the museum presented Apollon Bygakoff, Anastasia Zadorina, La Intuiciòn and Svetlana Yevstigneyeva.
The first music from the fairy tales came to the podium model of graduate ‘Laboratories fashion Slava Zaitsev «Irina Kryuchkov, which featured motifs of works by Vasnetsov and Bilibin in their outfits.
Apollon Bygakoff designer showed a collection of «Oil». Brand high-end lingerie handmade La Intuición, created by Daria Boy and Anastasia Kozlova, presented to the public elite lace combined with silk, satin and velvet. Models on the catwalk wore white socks and black shoes, and can be found in red niches museum even more daring fashion combinations.
Svetlana Yevstigneyeva whose outfits with pleasure is a dancer, the leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theater Christina Kretova creates clothes haute couture. The cost of such dresses from Cordoba lace reaches half a million rubles!

A clothes designer Anastasia Zadorina of «Chantilly» lace exclusive stand original cut and hand-embroidery. Transparent dress chocolate brown from Les Amazones collection created as many as 150 hours of continuous operation, and it is sure to draw attention! A white dress from the collection Welcome to the black hand-stitched French lace «Chantilly», embroidered with Japanese beads, Swarovski crystals and flowers of silk organza. The trail enclosing LED lights.

For designers, this collaboration of fashion — a tribute to the art, the aesthetics, the country, the opportunity to prove his involvement in the beautiful new hand for themselves. In the fashion-show exhibits you can see the best works from the collections of designers and fashion photo shoot, selected specifically for the museum exposition.
The event was held within the framework of which opened in March, the exhibition «Lace parade» in conjunction with the fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev, whose works are presented in the historic lace of different ages.

One of the most popular types of lace — French Chantilly, this delicate patterns of flowers, embroidered on the basis of the fine mesh. In the 18th century in Chantilly Duchesse de Longueville he scurried small workshop producing lace, which soon conquered half the world. Slim and elegant work so liking the French royal court, that very soon Chantilly came into vogue. Let the popularity of weaving several faded after the French Revolution, the cinema re-introduced it into the water. Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn used it for its lace dresses.
Particular attention is paid to the masterpieces of the exhibition of paintings from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery — images of women in lace, captured on the canvases of KP Bryullov, N. Argunova, VG Khudyakov, NN Ge, GS Sedova, Yu Pimenov, as well as the famous «Spanish woman in white» NS Goncharova and «The Lacemaker» VA Tropinin. Fans of glossy magazines will be interesting to see, it looked like the most famous fashion magazines, 150 years ago. For example, the color «inserts» — Lithograph from magazines «Bazar» 1885-1889 period, showing the fashion for ladies who are going to visit the exhibition, opera or a trip to the resort.

One of the new exhibits — the black dress of lace unique Siberian young designer Apollon Bygakoff was bought by an unknown businessman directly at the event for 1 million rubles, while the designer is not going to sell the best product of its collection. By Apollo said that after the end of the exhibition the owner will be able to pick up a dress.

Congratulate the organizers with the opening of a new exhibition came Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Daria Mikhalkov, Aya (City 312), Natalia Lesnikovskaya, Konstantin Gaidai, Anastasia Denisova, Zhanna Epple, Jan Anosova (Holstyak) and others.
Guests received gifts from a partner of Schwarzkopf and honey Perony Honey.

Leading the event was «Mrs. Moscow — 2011» Christina Kolganova.

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