Designer Apollon Bygakoff founder The Brand BYGAKOFF.

"By creating new, we are keeping pace with the times and make this world beautiful! I like exotic, unique, individual. Always guided by my heart and soul. To create, to create a new, set trends, can, unfortunately, not everyone. Of course, I'm studying history and based on the knowledge of others. The ability to see the future, send your positive energy into creativity help me to achieve the best result. I live a future in which there is a constant change of exposure. "

Email: bygakoff@gmail.com ; tel.: + 7 495 617 60 31


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TV / «TV Balance»

TV presenter Inga Goncharova in skirt by BYGAKOFF  in «Divorce and wise parents» to «TV Balance»

Баланс ТВ 1 Баланс ТВ

Press / Magazine «Antenna» in April 2016. Natalia Lesnikovskaya in BYGAKOFF.

Actress Natalia Lesnikovskaya in a dress from the new collection BYGAKOFF spring-summer 2016.12963570_993159984054338_2393003389904083058_n

Actress Anastasia Makeeva in BYGAKOFF

Actress Anastasia Makeeva in tunic BYGAKOFF from the new collection spring-summer 2016.


Designer Apollon Bygakoff live LDPR TV

Designer Apollon Bygakoff live LDPR TV program «Good day.»

Apollon Bygakoff: My «Petroleum» does not jump in the price.

Anastasia Makeeva in bygakoff

Charming Anastasia Makeeva in a shirt from the new collection BYGAKOFF spring-summer 2016.safe_image

Apollon Bygakoff on radio «Russian News Service» 107.0

«Mysterious India»


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TV LDPR TV program «Good Day» March 22, 2016

Live LDPR TV program «Good Day» at a party designer Apollon Bygakoff. 12063816_576970735794919_5904703760143622821_n

Natalia Lesnikovskaya in dress BYGAKOFF

Actress Natalia Lesnikovskaya in a dress from the new collection BYGAKOFF spring-summer 2016.1909758_979187855451551_8472529378200755528_n

Inga Goncharova in skirt BYGAKOFF

TV presenter, model Inga Goncharova in BYGAKOFF skirt at the festival «Vegan Fest»


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